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Veldpape Projecten, Veldpape Interieurbeplanting B.V., inter alia trade name Royal Christmas NL.
Gallery and art trade Veldpape Winschoten B.V.
Engelstilstraat 14
9671 JH Winschoten
The Netherlands
Tel. 0031 (0)597 413546
Fax: 0031 (0)597 412751
Chamber of Commerce number: 02065328
VAT number: NL8078.39.127.B.01

These conditions have been filed in the Dutch language and as well as translated into the language of the country where the goods the user offer.
User can not be held responsible for any translation errors.

As you placed an order with us you agreed to our terms of delivery and payment, too. Veldpape is entitled to alter these terms when the currency has expired. If you receive goods you did not order you must inform Beheermaatschappij Veldpape Projecten (= Management Company Veldpape Projects) immediately. Any inaccuracies of data stated by Veldpape must be recorded to Beheermaatschappij Veldpape Projecten in two days.

Article 1. Definitions

The conditions comprise:
1.1 User (of these conditions):
Veldpape Interieurbeplanting BV (= Veldpape Interior Planting Ltd), Bloemsierkunst en Galerie Veldpape B.V. (= Flower Decorative Art and Gallery Veldpape Ltd.), Beheermaatschappij Veldpape Projecten Winschoten B.V. (=Management Company Veldpape Projects Winschoten Ltd.), and trade name Royal Christmas NL.

1.2 Other party:
Consumers and retail / the natural or corporate body practising a trade or profession who have placed an order with the user to supply or make goods, to hire or execute activities.

1.3 Producer: The manufacturer of products which are resold by the user.

Article 2. Applicability


2.1 These conditions are in force for any offer and for the realization, the contents and fulfilment of all the agreements between user and the other side, in so far as the parties have not chosen explicitly and in writing for a different course.

Article 3. Offers

3.1 Offers of user are without engagement and expire 7 days at the latest after the date of the offer, or stated otherwise.

3.2 Offers can only be accepted without any deviations.

Article 4. Realization agreement

4.1 An agreement is realized by written, e-mail or oral acceptance by user and/or other side. These conditions form part of the agreement in an unabridged way.

4.2 Promises, acceptances by representatives, agents and other intermediaries are only binding if they are explicitly affirmed by the user; in silence with exclusive applicability of these conditions.

4.3 These conditions are also applicable to any future agreements in so far as the conditions have not changed.

4.4 An agreement is considered as being cancelled if the user has approved of it in writing. Cancellation is impossible if the user already started with the execution of the agreement in the widest sense. The other party is obliged to compensate the damage done. By damage is meant: the losses suffered by the user, forgone income and at any rate expenses made to prepare the order, expenses for goods and materials which were bought and for obligations entered into with a third party. In case of cancellation of the agreement by the other party is always at least 40% of order amount (order confirmation) will be charged. It is not possible to cancel the agreement if the other party does not agree to the height of the indemnification which must be paid.

Article 5. Prices

5.1 The prices stated by the user are both inclusive of and exclusive of Value Added Tax, which has been described clearly. There may also be taxes which have been imposed by the authorities.

5.2 The price stated for an achievement by the user only applies to the achievement in conformity with the specifications agreed upon.

Article 6. Changes in prices

6.2 Prices based on current material and dollar prices, December 1, 2008. Royal Christmas keeps the right to adjust sales prices if there are fluctuations.

Article 7. The date for payment

7.1 Payment by the other party must take place in 8 days.

7.2 The goods must be paid within a fortnight after the date of the invoice or on the date as was agreed upon. You will find this date on the invoice. It is impossible for you to lay a claim to any discount, settlement or suspension.

7.3 User is authorized when agreed on delivery in parts, after delivery of the first part, to request you not only to pay for this part but also to pay the cost made for the complete delivery.

Article 8. Time of delivery

8.1 It is considered that the time of delivery agreed upon will be approximately correct unless the date mentioned has been qualified as fatal, but only in writing.
The user has only then neglected his duty when the other side has pointed out that the user failed as to the latest date of delivery.

8.2 Binding the user on the latest date of delivery agreed upon expires if the client changes the specifications of the goods ordered or likes to receive more articles, unless the change is hardly of any significance or the delay is of no importance so that the user need not change the first date of delivery.

8.3 The other party is obliged to execute the agreement and to do anything that is reasonably necessary or desirable to enable the supplier to take care of an early delivery.

Article 9. Delivery and risks

9.1 Delivery will take place at the spot where the user practises his business, unless it was agreed upon only in writing that the user will deliver the goods.

9.2 If it was agreed upon that the goods will be transported the cost of transport are for account of the user, unless free delivery was agreed upon. The user always bears the risks of transport and insurance. By accepting the goods the conveyor gives evidence that the goods are in good condition from the outside, unless any peculiarities are mentioned on the bill of lading or on the receipt.

9.3 User need not deliver the goods in parts. Delivery will be done in the usual way and is determined by the user, unless it has been agreed upon differently.

9.4 Buyers risk and damage is 3% of the total value.

Article 10. Investigation on delivery

10.1 Any shortages or external damages of goods which are stated on delivery must be mentioned on the bill of lading, the invoice and/or any other transport document by the other party. After that the user must be informed within 3 days after receipt of the goods. If the other side fails to do so it is supposed that he agrees to the delivery. Any claims are not dealt with then. When returning a product outside the specified conditions, the payment shall not lapse.

Article 11. Deviations

11.1 Deviations between the goods or work delivered on the one side and the original design, drawing, picture or digital record on the other side cannot be any reason to disapprove of the goods, to receive a discount, to dissolve the agreement or get a compensation, if they are of minor importance.

11.2 Deviations which are reasonably regarded as being of no or of minor influence on the utility are considered of minor importance.

Article 12. Reservation of property

12.1 All products delivered remain the exclusive property of the user till the total amount of the concerning bill and any extrajudicial cost have been paid.

12.2 Goods which were hired in the case of loaned from the user remain the useres property and may not be pawned, lent and/or sublet to a third party.

Article 14. Liability

14.1 Except for malicious intent or big faults of the user, the liability of the user for damage stated in an agreement or as a result of an unlawful action towards the other party is limited to the invoice price of the goods delivered.

14.2 User is not liable towards the other side for damages or faults which were caused by a third party brought in on behalf of the user.

14.3 On no condition the user can be held responsible for quality and safety standard which were stated by producers of manufactured goods. The other party can only apply to the producer for any indemnification.

14.4 User is not liable for wrong translations, printerÆs errors or typographical errors in printed matter and other newsletters which might cause any damage.

Article 15. Force majeure

15.1 The user cannot be held responsible for the shortcomings in fulfilling the agreement if they are not his fault, neither in virtue of the law, agreement nor problems in traffic.

15.2 When it is clear that the goods cannot possibly be delivered in time as a result of force majeure the user is obliged to inform the other party by fax, mail or telephone as soon as possible which must be followed by a second confirmation. The episode did not take place within 2 months by the party specified delivery week.

Article 16. Claims

16.1 The report of the complaints must at least state the following data:
a. Company Name or Name and address of the other party
b. Invoice Number
c. Date of receipt of the goods
For the terms of reporting complaints user refers to article, paragraph 1 and 2.
The goods have to be kept in the same condition as the other party received them.

16.2 A complaint with regard to part of the goods delivered cannot lead to a disapproval of the complete delivery.

16.3 After the terms stated in article, paragraph 1 and 2 have expired it is supposed that the other party has approved of the goods delivered. After that claims are not dealt with anymore by the user.

Article 17. Disputes, suitable law

17.1 Only the Dutch law is applicable to agreements with the user, unless with export it is agreed upon in a different way.

17.2 All the disputes concerning the realization, the explanation or the execution or agreements which have resulted from agreements will be adjudicated by the authorized judge in Groningen in the first instance.

17.3 Parties can put their dispute before an arbitration committee with deliberation. This verdict will be accepted by both parties as being definite.

Article 18. Not received products / Decline products etc.

Not received products / Decline products etc.

Products sent with parcel service are provided with tracking number. Other party is responsible for the tracking. If other party has not received tracking from the user after reaching agreement within 48 hours, then other party must request tracking number by the user.

With parcel shipping; user accepts the full or partly shipping costs. Counterparty may be requested for contribution in shipping. The user communicates the shipping costs before agreement is closed.

User is entitled to charge and / or settle the other party's costs if the other party / agreement (s) sent to the other party has not been received and / or declined by the other party and returned order(s) to the user.

Costs overview *: Not received / refused orders etc.:

Shipping costs per box / pack      EUR 15, -
Returns per box / pack      EUR 25, -
Packaging costs per box      EUR 15, -
Transaction fee      EUR 20, -

* The user-specified amounts in the costs statement include 21% VAT.

Article 19. Returns website orders

If you want to return your purchase, intended only for "online consumer purchase internet orders", then it is important that you go through the following step-by-step plan.

Your order can be returned to us within 14 days of receipt.
You must return your order unused and undamaged in original packaging. Please also read the return conditions standing below.

Returns are accepted until December 23. Mail no later than December 24 to ina@royalchristmas.nl the tracking number of
the package, the carrier's name and your invoice number. After Christmas, no returns are accepted.

Please fill in the following list your invoice number and e-mail address and you will receive your invoice number for on the box (only orders beginning with 2020 .........)

Invoicenr: (12 digits)

Returning in 4 steps

Return Policy for consumers:

    • Costs for returning the goods are for the customer.
    • We reserve the right to charge additional costs in the event of damage caused by you to returned goods
    • Any costs resulting from, not being at home, wrong address or package being refused, will be charged to the customer.
    • There is no trial period of 14 days for orders placed after December 9.
    • Christmas lights, flagpole trees, Christmas items with lights, baubles and decorated artificial Christmas trees are excluded from return.
      Also invoices bearing the words no trial period and the online ordering are excluded from return.
    • Returns are accepted until December 23. Mail no later than December 24 to ina@royalchristmas.nl the
      tracking number of the package, the carrier's name and your invoice number. After Christmas, no returns are accepted.
    • Please note that no packets are accepted with us at the weekend.
    • Packages that are refused by customer will not be accepted / dealt by Royal Christmas.
    • Questions, about your order / refund / goods not received, must be sent by e-mail (ina@royalchristmas.nl) within one month after the order was placed and paid for, quoting your invoice number.
    • Questions regarding your order that have not been received within the prescribed period will not be treated.
    • When returning a product outside the specified conditions, the payment shall not lapse.
    • When the product has been returned, and the article is damaged or is incomplete in the package, we reserve the right to return the goods to the customer or charge the costs to the customer.



Article 20. Not receiving products / Refusal of products etc.

Unclaimed goods / Rejected goods.

Products shipped with parcel service are provided with tracking number. The Customer/Buyer is responsible for the tracking of the goods. If the Customer/Buyer does not receive the tracking from the supplier, the customer/Buyer must send the request within 48 hours after the agreement

The customer/buyer has to pay the full costs for shipping of parcels . The customer/buyer can be asked by supplier to contribute in the shipping costs. Supplier will communicate with Customer about the additional costs before purchase agreement.

The supplier is entitled to charge the customer fees (or settling with paid invoice) if the goods have been returned because of rejected or unclaimed (parcelshop) goods by the customer/buyer.

Cost overview *: Unclaimed /Rejected goods.

Shipping/repacking costs per box / package EUR 15, -
Return costs per box / package EUR 25, -
Repacking costs per box EUR 15, -
Handling costs EUR 20, -

* The amounts specified by the user in the cost overview excluding 21% VAT.

Article 21. Image and / or audio material

For all websites Veldpape Projects / Royal Christmas:

- Photographs and / or videos may not be copied or used.
- Photographs and / or videos with the logo of Royal Christmas may not be copied or used on your own website.
- The logo of Royal Christmas may not be copied or used on your own website.
- For each photo and / or video a penalty of 10,000, -
will be imposed pro day.

Article 22. Right of Withdrawal

Article 1 – Right of withdrawal


In case of products:

1.       The Consumer can repudiate a purchase contract for a product without giving reasons for a period of reflection of at least 14 days. The Entrepreneur may ask the Consumer about the reason for the withdrawal but cannot force him to state his reason(s).

2.       The reflection period referred to in sub-clause 1 starts on the day the product is received by the Consumer or by a third party appointed by him in advance and who is not the carrier, or

o    if the Consumer ordered several products in the same order: the day on which the Consumer or a third party appointed by him received the last product. The Entrepreneur may refuse an order of several products with different delivery dates provided that he clearly informs the Consumer prior to the order process.

o    in case the delivery of a product consists of several batches or parts: the day on which the Consumer or a third party appointed by him received the last batch or the last part.

o    in case of an agreement about regular delivery of products during a given period: the day on which the Consumer or a third party appointed by him received the first product.

o    In case of services and digital content that is not delivered on a physical carrier:

3.       The Consumer can terminate an agreement for services or an agreement for delivery of digital content that is not delivered on a physical carrier without giving reasons during at least 14 days. The Entrepreneur may ask the Consumer about the reason for the withdrawal but cannot force him to state his reason(s).

4.       The reflection period referred to in Article 3 starts on the day following the conclusion of the agreement.

5.       Extended reflection period for products, services and digital content that has not been delivered on a physical carrier in case no information is given about the right of withdrawal:
If the Entrepreneur has not provided the Consumer with the legally required information about the right of withdrawal or has not provided the standard form for withdrawal, the reflection period expires twelve months after the end of the original reflection period in accordance with the reflection period determined in the previous sub-clauses of this Article.

6.       If the Entrepreneur provided the Consumer with the information referred to in the previous article within twelve months after the starting day of the original period of reflection, the period of reflection expires 14 day after the day on which the Consumer received the information.


Article 2 – Consumer’s obligations during the time of reflection

1.       During this period, the Consumer shall handle the product and the packaging with care. The Consumer shall only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary for establishing the nature, the characteristics and the effect of the product. The guiding principle is that the Consumer may only handle and inspect the product in the manner in which one is allowed to handle a product in a shop.

2.       The Consumer is only liable for the decrease in value of the product that is caused by the way of handling the product which went further than allowed in sub-section 1.

3.       The Consumer is not liable for the decrease in value of the product if the Entrepreneur has not provided him with all legal information about the right of withdrawal before concluding the Agreement.


Article 3 – Exercising the Consumer’s right of withdrawal and the costs

1.       If the Consumer exercises his right of withdrawal he shall notify the Entrepreneur unambiguously with the standard form for withdrawal within the period of reflection.

2.       The Consumer shall return the product or deliver it to (the authorized representative of) the Entrepreneur as soon as possible but within 14 days counting from the day following the notification referred to in sub-clause 1. This need not be done if the entrepreneur offered to collect the product himself. The Consumer observed the period of returning the product in any event if the product is returned before the expiration of the period of reflection.

3.       The Consumer shall return the product with all delivered accessories and if reasonably possible in the original state and packing and in conformity with reasonable and clear instructions given by the Entrepreneur.

4.       The risk and the burden of proof for the correct and timely exercise of the right of withdrawal fall on the Consumer.

5.       The Consumer shall bear the direct costs of returning the product. If the Entrepreneur has not reported that the Consumer has to bear these costs or if the Entrepreneur pointed out that he will bear the costs himself, the Consumer need not pay the cost of returning the product.

6.       If the Consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, all additional agreements end by operation of law.


Article 4 – Entrepreneur’s obligations in case of withdrawal

1.       If the Entrepreneur makes the notification of withdrawal by electronic means possible, he shall promptly send a return receipt.

2.       The Entrepreneur shall reimburse all payments made by the Consumer, including any delivery costs that the Consumer may charge for the returned product, as soon as possible but within 14 days following the day on which the Consumer notified him of the withdrawal. Unless the Entrepreneur offers to collect the product himself, he can wait with paying back until having received the product or until the Consumer proved that he returned the product, whichever occurs first.

3.       The Entrepreneur shall make use of the same means of payment that the Consumer used, unless the Consumer consents to another method. The reimbursement is free of charge for the Consumer.

4.       If the Consumer opted for a more expensive method of delivery instead of the cheapest standard delivery, the Entrepreneur need not reimburse the additional costs for the more expensive method.

Article 23. Our websites











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